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The requirements for participating in our games and using our services are detailed in our General Terms & Conditions.

It’s real, legal U.S. currency and spendable anywhere real money is. Like all U.S. currency, you can also use third party companies to convert it to non-U.S. currencies or virtual currencies (like bitcoin).

U.S. law prohibits gambling (playing games of luck for money) in most states. However, we’ve removed the element of luck from the game, so that skill determines who wins. Playing skill games for money is fully legal and not prohibited by any U.S. law

However, some states have additional laws (beyond federal law) that regulate or prohibit skill gaming for money. For this reason, U.S. players must be in one of the green states (below) to play Sitago games for money. (If you’re not, you’re still allowed to play the free/practice games. But you cannot play for money.):

Players in the following states may not play skill games for money (and may only play the free/practice games): Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Montana, South Carolina. We also cannot accept or send money to/from financial accounts registered to users in these states. Players from these states who attempt to circumvent site security, will have their funds confiscated and their actions reported to their state law enforcement. Instead, you may wish to contact your state lawmakers and tell them you want to see real money skill-gaming fully legalized in your state.

All players in a tournament receive the exact same board or game condition. (This eliminates the “luck of the draw” found in all card games and most video games).
No random events occur to individuals during gameplay. (This prevents “lucky/unlucky breaks” from occurring to some players and not others).
Players who randomly select tiles rather than deliberately picking them are terminally penalized. (This eliminates “lucky guessing”).
All tile categories and matches can be recognized by the average 15-year-old, and all players must be at least 18 to play
No player is allowed to purchase power ups or any special gameplay advantages over the others.

Prizes range from 85¢ to $8.5. You choose the prize payouts for your games, based on your choice of entry fee and level .
Lower entry fees have lower prizes. Higher entry fees have higher prizes.
Sitago takes game fee as 15% of the total entry fee of the player.
The above might change from time to time.

We feed ourselves by retaining a small share (12-15%) of the entry fees.

Sitago accepts payments via PayPal and credit card. (And we plan to add other payment methods in the future). PayPal charges a small fee for both of these services, so we deduct that fee from your amount and then deposit the rest into your account.

You can initiate a withdrawal at any time in the game. Click on the credits icon, choose “withdrawal” and then follow the prompts.
The cost of sending funds through the 3rd party payment processor you choose, is deducted from your amount before it is sent. See the terms and conditions for more details.
Before sending out your payment, Sitago is required by law (and site policy) to review the account for fraud (for example, a player playing from, or attempting to be paid in a prohibited state). Due to this, withdrawals can take up to 15 business days to process. For full information on withdrawals please see the terms and conditions.