Games You Can Play For Money

Exploring games to play for money? Here’s your 7-point guide

People from all walks of life enjoy playing money-earning video games. Whether you are a pro-gamer or just a novice, you should always be on the lookout for more exciting games. With so many gaming platforms, today gamers are spoilt for choice. They can try to play games with money, or they can choose platforms that allow them to win money from playing games but without any down payment. Besides, there are a huge number of genres to choose from – from adrenaline-pumping sniper games to nail-biting racing games, and from de-stressing matching games to enriching word games – there are innumerable genres and sub-genres to match different skill levels.

Now obviously, gaming platforms will not allow you to win money from playing games without them making any profit out of it. Naturally, they must be getting something substantial for creating this money-making opportunity for you. As a result, gaming platforms utilize multiple models that let both gamers as well as platform owners, earn money. Here we describe some of them.

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1.      Earn money for achieving milestones

If you are confused with so many options and wondering what games you can play for money, try the ones that offer you cash or gift cards every time you cross a milestone. For the most complex games, you are likely to play them for a long time, and it takes you a long time to cross each milestone. As a rule, the longer you play the game, the more will be the reward. Wondering what is in it for the site owners? Engagement, longer stay on the site, and more. Hence this additional cash prize.

2.      Earn money by winning contests

From time to time, gaming site owners organize contests that may take the forms of sweepstakes to quizzes. In addition to giving cash prizes, these contests also let you gain entry into bigger tournaments, lotteries, and likes. Thus, these contests take you a step closer to winning a larger amount while site owners secure the entry of a large pool of players into their larger sweepstakes.

3.      Get cash rewards by watching ads or downloading apps

Advertisements are one of the most important revenue generators for gaming site owners. The more viewers, the higher the rate for advertisement. Naturally, they would want that a large number of people watch the ads on their sites. In return for viewing these ads, site owners share a part of their advertising earnings with their loyal token of appreciation. The earnings from viewing ads can add up to a significant dollar amount per month for active users. Sometimes, you can be paid by the site owner for downloading its app.

4.      Earn money by playing tournaments

The global gaming community is gigantic, to say the least, and there are a huge number of tournaments for professional gamers. Millions of gamers from around the world participate in these events involving million-dollar prize money. Participants of these tournaments can win money by playing games in every round.

5.      Play games and start some side business around this

After you establish yourself as a pro in gaming communities, you can leverage your expertise to create new channels of income. From blogging and vlogging to live streaming your matches as well as training newcomers – there are innumerable ways that professional gamers can utilize to earn even more money.

6.      Try your luck earning money from casino-type games

As their name suggests, skill games call for a lot of concentration and expertise. Sometimes, you may not be in the mood to put that much effort. What games can you play to get money in these times? Just rely on your luck to work for you and try various types of casino games to win a cash prize.

7.      Make money by becoming a game-tester

If you happen to be a professional gamer, you will be the most reliable person to test new games in the market. As you cross a certain level as an expert gamer, you can become a game journalist too. And all these roles bring you a good amount of money.

Rounding Up

Playing games to earn money is fun and lucrative at once. Hence invest some time in finding out suitable gaming platforms and identify the games that you think match your skills and temperament. On top of that, find out more ways to add to your gaming income.


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